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Hi and thank you so much for reading this blog.

My goal’s simple. I want to share my mentality. I want to expose all the tricks and tools that I have learned and applied thru my health and fitness career. No need to say that many of them have also been very useful in my personal life!

Focusing on the right mindset have defined the person I became!

Let’s start with how and why I got so “obsessed” about having the right mindset…

Like every human being, I do have good and bad days… Winning stories and not so winning.  Those are facts. I think the only way to never fail is simple: do nothing and wait!!!  Unfortunately,  you’re going to lose your life… So better go out there and try to make the best out of it. Even if you must fail 1000 times to make it the way you want. That ONE time you’ll finally figure it out, will have worth every sweat, tears and headaches!

So, after this little premise, I also want to clarify that in every post, my version will always going to be  the positive / learning side of the story.  I hate complaining people and can’t stand negativity. I always want to stay in the “solution mode way of thinking”. Last thing;  this blog is not an Ego/ Self promoting site to boost my self esteem about how great is my life!

With all this said; As a kid I was fortunate to have loving parents. They lived a non-ordinary life…  No matter if they’ve worked conventional jobs. Now at ages surrounding 80, they still have the capability of dreaming all the time.

They are always surprising us with new ideas. I could list all the things they’ve done but to name a few… restoring sailboat before bringing it down from Vermont all way to the Bahamas to moving to Tahiti and Equator to help the community.

An apple never fells fare from the tree. So over time I’ve learned 3 important lessons form them.

1- Nothing is impossible.

2- You can please everybody. Along your journey, you’ll meet friends, partners, skeptics and « dream destroyers ».

3- Humans are selfish. They’re not scare for you. They are scare for them. If you dream to much… maybe they will to lose you. Maybe they won’t be able to follow you. In fact, it’s very “secure” to keep the ones you love close to you instead of letting them fly away!

One thing is clear in my mind. You are the architect of your life or you’re employed to draw somebody else’s one. Every action or inaction you will have a huge impact on your future. I ratter be proactive and have full control than being passive and to undergo.

Being surrounded by dreamers means having extraordinary life experiences…

It was in spring of 1984. My parents bought their first sailboat, seems like travelling to the East Coast in their Westfalia wasn’t enough at that point!

With that said; I remember summer 1984. In fact, I will remember our first day on the water for the rest of my life.

That first time only powered by the wind. That day I’ve met freedom and peace. Taking a step back, I can easily affirm: That moment was the turning point for everything I’ve done in my life.

After couple years, I’ve started windsurfing… Oh man I was hooked instantly. Same state of mind as sailing but a little bit faster and radical… The perfect balance of adrenaline, freedom, peace, harmony and complete synergy with something way bigger and powerful than yourself.

*** note that I know that sailing can be very radical in challenging conditions. And far from the idea of starting a debate about water sports… If you have fun doing what you like that’s awesome and the Ultimate goal!!!

You don’t have to be passionate about the ocean or any other water sports like me to understand the feeling. All you need is to be passionate about something!!!

Every passion will have a direct impact on the way you’re going to live your life. It’s easy to do whatever you want, whenever you want when you are single and without « real obligations ». Being able to follow up and keep those passions alive when you grow up, sometimes request a little bit of imagination!

I’m very fortunate to have an amazing wife who’s willing like me. We’ve both decide that we can turn this passion into a family lifestyle. Everybody will be  fully immerse in the laid back and open heart Aloha spirit. We both wants our kids to grow up without boundaries and closed doors in front of them. We want them to have and live their biggest dreams. We want them to scare us with those dreams.

The idea behind my little intro is to relate this very important thing. YOU NEED TO HAVE DREAMS AND PASSIONS IN YOUR LIFE. Those passions must become positive obsessions. You must use that driving force to do the extra step everyday. Have those dreams write on your walls, cell phone background. Do everything possible to have them in your face all the time!

I’m a strong believer that even with dreams, passions and good intentions about reaching them. There is also a positive mindset that will make you win or succeed in your journey. This is what my post about having The right mindset is all about!

Cheers and enjoy the next reading!

PP Jutras

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