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"Together, building your passions"

Hi, my name is PP Jutras

I’m a strength and conditioning coach.

I’m also hosting a topic on fitness preparation and windsurfing in the web magazine

I am windsurfing addicted and many other water sports.
Over the past 14 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people empower their health and live better lives.

It doesn’t matter if I’m working with the best windsurfers on the planet, world-class mountain bikers, amazing “weekend rippers” or busy doctors; Every time, I’m trying to bring them into that “team works” to help them become the best version of themselves.

Everything I do is passions related.

For me, training is not and will never be the final destination. It’s part of the journey to be able to play more, play harder and keep a smile on your face!

That is what life is all about… Bring your passions to life!!




Online coaching is the best way to achieve your goals because you do not rely on anyone.

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My philosophy – I strongly believe that every human can achieve everything they want if:

They have the right Mindset.

They open their hearts and mind to new opportunities.

They want to learn and invest time and in personal growth.

They put themselves in the optimal environment to stay focused.

They choose to get inspired by the ones who’s been in their shoes.

They find the right “purpose” to achieve what they want.

They are grateful for what they have.


Today, I’m 33, passionate about windsurfing and unfortunately, I suffer from lower back pain ( herniated disc, degenerative disc ). This passion for windsurfing and wave riding pushed me to invest in taking care of my back. That is how 1 year ago, I met with PP Jutras while reading a blog post.

Now, one year later, I can sail comfortably even in extreme conditions ( 3,7 to 5,3 waves conditions ). I trust 100% my back and body strengths. All of this is possible with daily coaching, exercises, routine that PP Jutras and I have implemented. The way of collaboration via its APP is very efficient and his understanding of windsurfing makes it relevant.

I’m up for another set of years of mutual collaboration to continue for long long time windsurfing.

Hubert O. Genève