Donnez vie à vos passions!



Hi all and welcome to the second phase of the WTP 2.0.

From now on you are into a strength endurance phase for the next 7 weeks. What this means?

1- More training volume, 2- Harder exercises and 3- Getting closer and closer to the really fun stuff!

Of course there will be a progression and I’ll be dividing the Strength and Endurance phases in 2. My goal to challenge you while keeping the ultimate aspect of this physical preparation… Making you healthier, stronger and away from injury so you’ll be able to do what you are passionate about!

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One more time, thanks to this year’s  partners …

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** For your safety, make sure that you are always respecting your personal limitations. Follow your own pace and adapt.




Repeat the sequence 2 times:

15 x Jumping jack (if jumping is an issue, go for 15 total body extension)

6  x knee to chest into side squat (one side at the time)

8 x Cobra to W

4 + 4  x bear crawl

Goal of the warm up is to put your body in a state of doing a effort… Not hurting yourself going crazy of the blocks! Start slow and increase the intensity the second round.


Reach for  6 to 12 reps

Try to step back and come back as fast as you can… while focusing on a strong core contraction. (this will reduce the arching of your lower back)

Rest 10 to 30 sec and move to A2


Reach out for 8 to 15 reps / leg starting with your weakest.

Looking to make the exercise more difficult? increase the time under tension by holding the contraction for 1 or 2 seconds and lower down into 3 seconds.

Quick tip: Press down with your heel against the bench to max out the hamstring’s contraction

Rest 10 to 30 sec and move to A3


This exercise is like riding a bicycle… once you know how to do it, you’ll be good for life!

Reach for 6 to 10 reps / side while alternating each time.

Goal is to bring your arm, head, back and leg fully parallel to the ground. You can hold the contraction for 1 or 2 seconds if needed. But one thing is sure.. please don’t rush it… you’ll lose the benefits of this cross chain exercise.

Rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat the A’s sequence 1 to 3 more times.


Reach for 8 to 12 reps / side starting with your weakest leg on the step

The goal of having your front foot elevated is to increase the range of motion while stepping backward. Meaning that make sure that you go lower that on a plane surface!

There’s 3 key points regarding this drill.

1- Don’t look down because you’re gonna lose your balance.

2- focus on a full knee and hip extension before brining your heel under your hips

3- If 8 to 12 is to easy, grab a set of dumbbells… and keep the reps within this bracket.


Reach for 8 to 20 reps with a tempo of 3010. (Meaning that you are lowering your body in a 3 seconds count).

Bad form push ups are easy… but good form push ups are harder and way more effective… so here’s my key points about this well know exercise.

1- Hands positioning should be max of 2 inches wider than your shoulders.

2- When opening up your hand, your thumb should be at your nipple’s height… so no hands beside the shoulders.

3- Try to keep your elbows in and your hips as high as your shoulders.


This is a tricky one at the beginning and here’s why: you’ll be using your core too much and forget to push with your elbows down the floor.

Reach out for 8 to 12 reps and hold the contraction for 1 sec before going back to starting position.

My tips for this one: Make sure that you are pushing as hard as you can with your elbows against the floor. At the same time, instead of thinking as a abdominal crunch, thing about brining your sternum towards the celling.

Rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat the B’s sequence for 1 or 2 more times.


Reach out for 4 to 6 squat to stand reps

This mobility drill will be challenging for most of you who are experiencing poor hips mobility and poor spine mobility. So at first, make sure that you are trying to lowering down your body as much as you can. Playing with your stance will be helpful.

Then you should think about turning your shoulders around your spine… aka turning your bellybutton without swinging your hips from side to side.

Rest 10 to 30 sec and jump to C2


Good luck here!!!

Go for 2 to 3 reps / leg starting with your weakest.

This hip stability drill is something at first… and sometimes easier when done barefoot.

So to be able to benefit the most or the hip airplane, you should focus on turning your bellybutton towards the outside and towards the inside. Unlike many exercises, keep your head centered with your spine… if not, you’ll lose your balance right away.

Rest 10 to 30 sec and move to C3


Reach for 6 to 15 reps / side (alternating)

To perform the perfect dead bug, you need to take your time while doing it. So make sure that your are pushing down with one leg and bringing your knee in with the opposite leg. Always reset with shoulder at 90 degrees and hips + knees at 90 degrees as well.

By keeping one leg 90 deg bended, your lower back will always remains on the ground.

Rest. 45 to 60 sec and repeat the C’s sequence for 1 to 2 more times



Form is key and even more with the Russian twist. So make sure that your shoulders are at a 90 deg angle with your torso and your back isn’t rounded.

Reach for 6 to 10 reps / side. without over reaching with your arms.

Key point.. your head should remains align with your sternum and you should be looking directly between your hands ALL THE TIME. over rotations won’t make the drill harder.

If you need more resistance, simply lift your feet of the ground.


Same thing as phase 1 of the WTP 2.0… Meaning that you can’t do enough of this exercise!!

Reach for 8 to 10 reps / side focusing of pushing back with your heel to bring leg, back, head and arm fully parallel to the ground.

Do 8 to 10 reps per side.  Focus on form instead of trying going to fast

Rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat D’s sequence 1 or 2 more times.


Repeat Sequence 2 times:

4 Cat-Cow

10 sec hold into child pose

10 sec hold into cobra pose

7 sec half kneeling hip flex stretch

7 sec half kneeling hamstring stretch


This concludes the first 3 weeks of Phase 2.

Like always, respect your own limitations and your own pace.

There is nothing worse that ego while training and in fact Ego can compromise your next windsurfing season because of a unwanted injury!

You can set goal of doing this training routine 2 or 3 times / week.

Remember the goal: making yourself better to be able to play more… this should be your final destination.. the training is part of the journey!

Once again, I strongly recommend to join the FB support group for more explanations and support.