Donnez vie à vos passions!


Welcome 2018

Let’s give a warm welcome to 2018!

My last post was about learning to say no. No to the things you  don’t want in your life anymore.

This welcome 2018 post is totally the opposite… It’s about saying yes! Yes to the people you want to be surrounded by. Saying yes to new opportunities that can and will come if you’ve already set the space for them to come.  

Why not setting a simple goal for January. One goal like planning to try something new in every season of the upcoming year. It could be a new sport or activity. You can start reading more, meditate or register to a Yoga class. it can also being aware of the time your spending on your cell phone and scrolling social medias. Why not putting your virtual life on the side while you’re spending time with your lovely ones.

This list be an infinite list of new thing / sports / habits.  Maybe it’s a good time to add a small challenge to this goal and add also gratefulness. No matter how are you’ve been digging last year, you’ve made it!!! You are still alive and still have faith in yourself. So be grateful for what you have and the ones you love!

I don’t want to write a full post about setting goals and resolutions… But I do want to get your attention at one point. Don’t stop dreaming, dream to scared the shit out of you and have those dreams in your mind in every decisions that you’ll make starting right now. Learn the cost of opportunity of your actions and also your inaction! This cost is not only $$, it can be time, habits and all the other collateral damages.

Sir Richard Branson, was saying.: « If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure if you can do it, say yes then learn how to do it later! »

I do relate a lot with those kind of Quotes. I’m part of the people who believes nothing is impossible and there’s always a way to get what we want.

Wrapping up this quick post I simply want to remind you to go ahead and chase those dreams. Don’t wait for the right moment to start building them. Life is about moving forward, not hopping, whispering and waiting. So please don’t be the type of people who are building they’re retreats by buying lottery tickets. Believe in yourself, work for it and you’ll find a way to go where you want. The right moment will become accessory… Like every « extreme sports » speed is your friend… so the faster you’ll go, less you’ll see and feel the hazards on the road!

Once again i’m wishing you an awesome year. Peace, love and health!

PP Jutras