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The right mindset

How many of you went to bed Sunday night with the idea of making another comeback at the gym the next day? We all know that “resolutions always start on Mondays, right?” Personally, I don’t get it! Why Mondays? The first working and probably the busiest day of the week for a lot of people. Maybe we need to chat a little bit about reorganizing your time and the way you treat your health!

So, how many of you have missed or rescheduled that personal appointment? Way too many. What happen during that night? Where did your good intentions went? How come you suddenly have an endless list of not so relevant excuses?

Remember that it took only one night to lose your focus. Even worst, it as been done without anybody else in the portrait. No friends or colleagues to hold you back. No one around trying to discourage you about your new goal.

Imagine now if your dreams and ambitions were something more “dangerous” or life risky. Something that your surrounding know nothing about. The scary unknown!!!

I’m sure you get the point that having the idea of taking care of your health is reckless to the eyes of your surroundings that having in mind to Base Jump / fly in a wing suit from the top of the Everest!

Quoting Tony Robbins, it could take years to prepare, but the breakthrough to “TAKE ACTION” happens in a second. (Following is 3 steps approach… change your strategy; change your story; change your state).

For me it makes sense that you need to look things from different angles. You also need to change that negative story, that same old record who’s been running in the back of your mind over and over. By changing those elements, you will create that new and winning state of mind. I won’t dig more into the subject, I think Tony’s way more qualified than me to explain his stuff. So, if you want to learn more go look him up on YouTube.

Getting back to my basic example (a comeback at the gym).  If you don’t understand the real purpose that made you subscribed at first. Chances that next Monday will turned out to be one Monday over the next year… or next decade!


The main thing is asking yourself what happened in your mind the day you’ve pulled out your credit card and subscribed at the gym?

How come it was THAT particular day to perform that first action?

How come you were not able to follow up for more than couple weeks? How come stepping back to the old routine, the one you’ve tried to get rid off re became part of your daily lifestyle?


Unless your world as totally changed, and even that. I’ll bet that It’s because you haven’t make it clear about WHY you’d subscribed at first. Maybe your goal was “to be in shape” or lose 10-15 pounds. Sorry to tell you this today, but improving your body composition is positive collateral damage when you take care of yourself!

Here is an example to illustrate my point. Let’s say you’re a parent. A parent who his currently dealing with diabetes issues in the family. Even worst, let’s say you’ve lost a relative because of the disease at age of 48… and you’ll turn 47 this year.  How you would feel? I’m pretty sure now that you get the point that taking care on your health will now related on something bigger than yourself alone. The motivation trigger as switch from a « personal assignment »  to a « leading and inspiring role ».


Digging inside to find out your real motivation is the key to succeed where you have failed earlier!  This is undeniable that being healthy and able to see your kids growing is way more rewarding than an ego boost body for your next trip at the beach! (Looking healthy is awesome, but please don’t focus on being an empty shell!)


Keep in mind that there is always an emotion behind the motivation. Once you find it, you can start breaking the barriers and put yourself in the right mindset. You will be now able to go out there, follow up, and accomplish what you need to do, even in the hardest situations.

Reaching goals is not easy and i don’t think it should. You must nourish that “challenging aspect” to keep the flame alive. Manage to hold a distance from your comfort zone. This is the only way to push yourself in a position that you never been before.

One thing I do with my clients is asking them to have a look at their lifestyle. When you bring someone to think out loud (about his habits, job, family, circle of influence and passions,) it  immediately starts to realize where are the nonsense. My goal is to find a breach. Getting that entry point is key to implement new actions or substituting old habits.

The person voluntarily gives you that unique access to improve their health. This is fundamental to achieve a positive and sustainable impact in their life. This is why my best clients became actually good friends.

I think the more you will learn about yourself, the more you’ll be able to achieve everything you want. You’ll be able to “put yourself” in the best environment to succeed. You’ll be able to choose wisely your circle of friends, job, activities… So really design the life your truly want.

Yep this means be able to let things go… and not only cutting off Soda pops but sometimes old relationships.

If you remember my welcome post, I’ve highlight 3 lessons I’ve learned from my parents and one was about fear from your surroundings. How they pretend to give you good advises, but in fact they are scared for themselves… not for you. I don’t want to start a debate about friendship but how many friends do you have that pushes you up to be a better person? Are they around to help you live your dreams, or to keep this status quo relationship because they feel secured having you around?

Let me tell you a sad but true story …Many years ago I had a client who was obese. She was a mother of a little princess, but  also was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. She was voluntarily coming at the gym 5-6 times a week… and not only for chatting around. She was sweating and pushing herself like no one in the place!

Once a week I was following up with her. I was making sure she was able to stay on track about her lifestyle and nutrition habits. On surface the good intentions were there but, nothing was really moving in the good direction for her. It took maybe 3 weeks of stagnation before I’ve find out that her future husband, and father of their child, was very skinny. This man was putting on the table probably the worst food choices for her. Everything was process, high refined sugary stuff. I never had the chance to sit down with them together. She had quit after she told me that sad reality.

As you can see here. The fiance who was pretending to love his woman with all is heart, was actually the one sabotaging her health, her life and the life of their own kid. While writing this post, I am not sure if she’s still alive because of her morbid obesity.


Here’s some important points to be able to elevate your state of mind and get in the right mindset to accomplish your biggest desires!

  1. You need to prioritize your priorities. Try to execute the most important thing at your highest point of the day.
  2. Inform and include your family (partner and kid(s)). Create a  family project instead of a lonely fight. Nobody will ever complain to be in awesome health!
  3. Don’t get caught in the decision trap. Find yourself a daily routine to jump right into what you must do. By avoiding those traps, you won’t multitask or get pulled out by every distraction. (This will also avoid the “over thinking” where all fears and their good friend procrastination seems to hang out together!)
  4. Avoid all interactions, especially if they can pull you out the focus required to the thing you want to accomplish.
  5. Surround yourself by winners and people  who have been in your shoes. If it’s easier, get books, read articles, get on Facebook groups or any other social medias that will keep  you on track. (Please lean to differentiate the truth from the ego).
  6. Find out who’s good and who’s not for you in your surrounding.
  7. Finally, the most important is to open your heart and your mind. Be ready to change, be ready to learn and realize that there’s so many ways to reach your goal. You simply need to find the right blueprint for you!

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Talk to you soon.


PP Jutras



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