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The power of the sun!


The idea about this post came to me while I was chatting with one on my good old friend and colleague who has moved to the Cayman Islands not to long ago! It’s not a secret to anybody that I have a big interest when the sun and ocean are on the subject!

Do you believe there’s a coincidence between your mood and the amount of sunlight you get? Go ahead and spend November somewhere close to Vancouver BC.  I can tell you that the sun is almost nonexistent during that period of the year! This province is gorgeous and the vegetation amazing. But during fall season, rubber boots and full rainproof suits are a must! This is probably where you get the  highest amount of seasonal depressed persons in the country! I’m kidding and amplifying the situation, but getting a smile was very hard… until the sun was shining again! Surprisingly everybody was joking, laughing and smiling!!! Luck? I don’t think so.

How come we are so attracted by the sun? Why do we feel so energized? What’s going on in your brain and body when you’re in a sunny place? The Sun gives us the highest amount of Vitamin D (the goal of this post is not a full research about all particularities of the vitamin itself).

Without a doubt, we can affirm that carefully exposing our body to the sun display major health benefits. It can strength our bones, boost our immune system, makes us sleeping better and deeper. Increase weight lost and help to manage an optimal body composition. It plays a major impact with your mood and can reduce depression.

From my personal conclusions, I believe that there are all the studied benefits of the sun. But the hidden power is coming from the associations that our brain is making when the sun is shining. Cause and effects? Maybe!!!

For many people,  thinking about the sun equal summertime and jumping back into your flipflops! Sun means vacations, good times and happiness. It seems to take off extra weight from our shoulders and finally we start breathing again! During summertime we are naturally attracted by fresher and lighter food choices. Fact, in certain areas, the local producers are right at the corner, easily giving us the access to a full spectrum of vitamin filled colored foods. Even your skin looks better with a little tan, instead of our light green skin color due to the neon or LED lights!


Writing about sun exposure and health benefits require warnings. What you’re going to read is reflecting my of view, not the conclusion pulled out from a 20 years research! I don’t want to get sued by the skin cancer association so don’t take what I am writing for scientific advice!!

How long? When is the best time of the day? Should I put sunblock or not?

Those are all questions that can lead to major argumentation and can’t be solved by a simple yes or no.

Except if you have been sleeping the past decades, you must have heard somewhere that the ozone layer is getting more and more damaged. No big news about being more careful about your skin when you go under the sun!

Over the next section I’ll relate to moderate sun exposure and nothing between peak hours (11h30-2h30 pm). No matter what you do, exaggeration is rarely good!

To maximize the absorption of Vitamin D, your skin and your eyes must be uncovered. You don’t need to wear sunglasses or apply sunblock. Don’t forget: this is to boost the absorption of Vit D. Some people are saying that you must protect your skin at all time regardless the period, other will pretend that your body can adapt itself to sun exposure. Infinite studies with limitless parameters. We must use our head and go with common sense! Same thing with coffee… Good or bad for you? I’m going to write something for you about it!


My common sense is the following. Be moderate when the sun is out. If you are planning to stay for longer period, yes you should protect your skin. It can be with a shirt or hat. If you need sunblock, make sure it’s natural, organic, coral reef safe and non-toxic. Logically, if a product can destroy the ecosystem, it probably can damage your health as well!


I will simply conclude by affirming that the sun gives major health benefits and you don’t need to compete with the Jersey shore crew to get full advantages of it! Be smart, listen to your body and try to enjoy every moment when the sun is shining! If you can’t get enough sunlight you should consider adding Vitamin D to your daily diet*. I will also follow up on this subject pretty soon!


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, like or share!


PP Jutras

* always consult your doctor or health specialist before adding any supplement into your diet

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