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Hey Guys!

After a great session you are looking to put your body in a relaxation mode and max out your rest. Of course this include proper food intake and plenty of water.

I’ve decided to share with you a 5 to 7 minutes cool down routine that can be done right on the spot while your quiver is drying. (This way, lack of time won’t be an issue!)

Cool down exercises should be done without rushing the motion. You should let your body goes in the position instead of forcing it!

This little routine is targeting all your body, but mostly the posterior chain, abs, and forearms. 

Enjoy this 5 exercises cool down and don’t forget to join the support group  where I’m posting daily tips. You can also feel free to share with people that might also need it!

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Sit on your heels and hold the position for 10 sec. You can play with your hips to find the best position for you.

Targeted area: Lower back, lats and triceps

No rest and move the A2


Lift your upper body while pressing down with both hands to the ground. Depending of the position of your hands, you’ll be able to get less or more range of motion. Hold the position for 10 sec

Targeted area: Abs

No rest and move the A3


Slowly rotate your hands to have your fingers pointing at your body. Shoulder wide stance is best and you can move your body front to back a little to get more or less stretch. Hold the position for 10 sec.

Targeted area: Forearms

No rest and move the A4


Bring one leg smoothly to your chest. The other leg can be from 90 deg bended to almost straight… Goal is to bring you leg until you feel the stretch in your gluts (butt), hamstrings and lower back.

Hold the position for 10 sec.

Targeted area: Lower back, gluts and hamstrings

No rest and move the A5


Like the alternate knee to chest, bring one leg smoothly to your chest. But before doing it, put the other ankle to your knee. Bringing both legs toward your chest will instantly stretch your gluts. You can pull on your thigh with one or 2 hands. You can also play around and pull with one hand and press out your 90 degree’s bended knee. The pressing out and pulling motion will increase the stretch.

Hold the position for 10 sec.

Targeted area: Lower back, gluts and hamstrings

Rest 30 sec and repeat the sequence one more time!

Cool down is like warm up… You don’t really think it’s useful until you got injured or turn 40 years old. After an event, you now realize that those little drills around your favorite activity are giving you an extra edge and will increase the fun factor!

Thanks once again for your interest in your health and your windsurfing preparation!