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Ski Tips #2 Take Care Of Your Hips

Take care of your hips

Tight hips? Limited range or almost no range of motion?
Does that mean anything to you?

When skiing, taking care of your hips is crucial.
Whatever your goals, your level and the conditions, it is imperative to put the odds in your favour to maximize your pleasure.

That’s why I’m talking to you about mobility!

The goal of mobility is to increase your flexibility to gain a better range of motion.
This physical quality allows you to be much more efficient because you will be using the right muscles to perform the right actions.

Working out for an optimal machine helps increase endurance and reduce the risk of injury.


Here is a routine of 5 exercises mainly aimed at the mobility of your hips.
As you wish, do a routine in order or incorporate certain movements into your current routine.

A- Lying hip rotation
2 sets of 3 to 5 rotations / side / leg

B- Hip airplane
2 sets of 2 to 3 repetitions / leg.
*It is not so easy! So use a chair or a wall if necessary

C- Hip rotation to airplane
2 sets of 2 to 3 reps/leg

D- Hips 90 90 switches
2 sets of 3 reps/side alternately
* With or without the help of your arms for side changes

E – Low squat hold + overhead reach
2 sets of 3 movements/position
* Feet slightly wider than the shoulders
** The lowest possible buttocks while keeping the back straight