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PHASE 1- Windsurfing Training Program 2.0

Hi and Welcome to the second version of the Windsurfing Training Program. (WTP 2.0)

This training is created by a windsurfer, supported by windsurfing brands and businesses and made for all windsurfers that want to improve their health. The ultimate goal of the training program is making you stronger, more balance and away from injuries. This way, you’ll be able to do what you enjoy most… Windsurfing.

So first of all, I’d like to thank this years partners, especially Duotone / Fanatic and Windsurfing Now Magazine, but also all the other people that are willing to share and help promoting the program.So a huge thank to iGetwind, Wind-NC, Water Nomads,  Pritchard windsurfingMakani fins, Big Winds and Boujxsports . 

Over the next 12 weeks you’ll find updates and progression from structural balance, strength endurance and speed and power. In this version, maybe because I’m getting older or more mature, their will be more mobility and stretching exercises than ever. On top of that, I’ve tried to do my best to make sure that you can easily perform the program from home or with almost no equipment needed.

Finally, their will be an eBook version of the program.. but this will be later this season.

One more time, thanks for your interest in the training program and don’t forget to join the FB support group for more support and more tips and tricks.

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** For your safety, make sure that you are always respecting your personal limitations. Follow your own pace and adapt.




Repeat the sequence 2 times:

15 x Jumping jack (if jumping is an issue, go for 15 total body extension)

6  x knee to chest into side squat (one side at the time)

8 x Cobra to W

4 + 4  x bear crawl

Goal of the warm up is to put your body in a state of doing a effort… Not hurting yourself going crazy of the blocks! Start slow and increase the intensity the second round.



A1- SPLIT SQUAT (8-12 reps / leg)

Go for 8 to 12 reps / leg starting with your weakest one.

How to: Starting in a good athletic shoulder width stance, Lower your body while driving your front knee forward. Focus on keeping your ears of your shoulders and shoulders over your hips.

Goal is to go down in 3 seconds and return to starting position in 1 second. Repeat and match up the number of reps with your stronger side.

Rest for 10 to 30 seconds and jump to A2

A2- HIP RAISE (10 to 15 reps)

Lying down on your back. Feet shoulder width and have your knees at a 90 degree angle.

Goal is to push your hips up while pushing with your heals to the ground. Hold top position for 1 second and return to starting position in 3 seconds. Reach out for 10 to 15 good reps.

Rest for 10 to 30 sec and jump to A3

A3- PRONE SUPERMAN HOLD (isometric for 15 to 45 sec)

Prone superman hold is an isometric exercise… meaning that it’s a static drill.

Goal is to get into the position and hold it there for 15 to 45 seconds. Like every facing down exercises, arms and shoulders should be leading the motion, not your head. Focus on keeping your head align with your spine to avoid further neck pain.

Rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat A’s sequence 2 more times.

B1- STEP UP  (8 to 12 reps / leg)

Using a step or a chair, place one foot on it. Goal is to go for a full hip and knee extension while keeping your heel of the support leg on the step. Like every single leg exercise, you want to start with your weakest side and match it with your strongest one.

Reach out for 8 to 12 reps where you wanna go up in 1 second and get back to starting position in about 3 seconds.

Rest for 10 to 30 sec and jump to B2

B2- SCAPULAR PUSH UP ON ELBOWS (10 to 12 reps)

Scapular push up can be a tricky one to perform correctly. Goal is to keep your head align with your spine and think about driving your torso between your shoulders. Only shoulder blades should be moving.

Lower your body in 2 seconds and come back to starting position in 2 seconds as well. Control is key here. Reach out for 10 to 12 reps

Rest for 10 to 30 sec and jump to B3

B3- HOLLOW BODY HOLD (15 to 45 sec)

Hollow body hold is another isometric exercise  (like A3). This time instead of being facing down, you’ll be on your back and lift both extremities. Once again, try to keep your head align with your spine. Goal is to hold the position for 15 to 45 sec.

Quick tip here: you can reduce intensity by bringing your extremities closer together. The more compact you’ll be the lower the effort.

Rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat B’s sequence 2 more times

C1- SHOULDER CIRCLE (8 to 12 reps)

Before starting this exercise, here’s 2 points to pay attention. 1- Arms fully extended alway thru the motion and 2- your head should remains align with your spine.

In a facing down position, you are looking to bring your arms from over your head to very close to your lower back and return to starting position in a controlled motion. You can pause at the top if needed.

Reach out for 8 to 12 reps.

Rest for 10 to 30 sec and jump to C2

C2- SIDE PLANK ON ELBOW (10 to 20 sec isometric)

Performing a side plank can look easy until you pay attention about hips and head positioning. Every segment should be in a straight line. Goal is to get into the position and hold it there for 10 to 20 sec per side. If you need to increase the intensity, you can lift your arm (as showed in the second part of the  video). Pay attention about your elbow’s position. It should be directly under your shoulder for maximum strength and lower risk of injures.

Rest for 10 to 30 sec and jump to C3

C3- BIRD DOG (8 to 10 reps / side)

There is many ways to perform the bird dog exercise. In this program, goal is to do it in a controlled motion, trying to go long and have arm, torso and leg fully align at the top.

Do 8 to 10 reps per side.  Focus on form instead of trying going to fast

Rest for 45 to 60 sec and repeat C’s sequence for 2 more times.


Repeat Sequence 2 times:

4 Cat-Cow. (Push your spine up and down)

10 sec hold into child pose. (Can swing your hips side to side)

10 sec hold into cobra pose. (Head align with your spine)

7 sec half kneeling hip flex stretch. (Drive your hips forward)

7 sec half kneeling hamstring stretch. (Push hips back + upper body forward)

7 sec into pigeon stretch. (Get confortable)



This conclude the first 3 weeks of the training program. Make sure to respect your own personal limitations and follow your own pace. There is nothing worse that ego while training.

You can set goal of doing this training routine 2 or 3 times / week.

Remember the goal: making yourself better to be able to play more… this should be your final destination.. the training is part of the journey!

Once again, I strongly recommend to join the FB support group for more explanations and support.

Cheers for your interest and feel free to reach out to me if you have any comments or requests.