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What Is Your Relationship With Food?

What’s your relationship with food?

How are you treating your body and the fuel you’re putting in?

Nothing new to say that our world is running too fast. For many your stress level is rise to the roof.

Christmas Eve in couple days. So much to do, not much time left… You need to run faster!!!!

Regardless the period, I am very concerned about the way people are treating their health. This is a unique and one-shot deal gift so please don’t take it for granted.

What food means to you?

  • A treat?
  • A necessary evil?
  • Something frustrating?
  • A comforting action?
  • Pleasure?

Each and everyone of us have is own perception, relation and personal story. Those habits and values have been forged over time. Too often, we are maintaining them without thinking about what we’re doing. Is it good or bad for you? Because we’re living on “auto-pilot mode” we don’t seem to care… enough!

Your perception about food is playing a major impact on your life, and your life’s perception will have some significant consequences on your eating habits!


You don’t believe me?

  • Go ahead and think about what’s going to happen in the next 10-12 days. Family party, friends’ reunions, everything is relating to joy and happiness. Hosts will be cooking and probably “overproducing” like crazy. Happiness = abundance and comfort food!
  • Your kid finally achieved something he was struggling with? Going at McDonald is too often the reward!
  • You just started a new weight training program, suddenly you are improving all your eating habits!
  • You’re couple(s) pounds overweight, food can be boring and scary.
  • You are feeling confident about yourself, you’re enjoying what you’re seeing in the mirror, I’m pretty sure that you’ll go for a healthy snack.
  • Whole food = high end, super fresh and tasty organic food. Hard to go there and not spending 75$!
  • McDonald = A kid’s paradise with the playground and toys. Do they really need to focus on the food they are going to serve you? Nah!
  • Subway? Despite the Jared “major incident” they were targeting the “healthy fast food alternative.”

This is an endless list that can be applied to every industry because marketers are targeting emotions!

Does this ring a bell in your brain? For me it does without a doubt!  Emotions and food are in direct correlation and one will affect the other in both directions.

Can we trick our brain to make better food choices? Can we start selecting food that will affect positively our brain? Both answers are YES!


As human being we have responsibilities, one of them is to create a better world for the next generations… some would say not destroying more than it is right now, but this is another subject.

As a father, I’m facing small decisions that can lead to significative impacts on the future of my kids. I can always reward them by treats and cookies, same as animals.  Or I can choose to reward them with love and   hugs. Slowly I’m switching the food perception. As an health and fitness expert, I will do the same with clients, not the hugs, but teaching them about the benefits of certain food and working on surrounding habits.

I totally agree, changing and self-improving requires efforts and discipline. Treating ourselves is fine, we need that feeling. But should we always do it with unhealthy food? Probably not! I’m not critiquing, judging or pointing anybody. I’m highlighting the point that we can always make better and healthier decisions. If you like chocolate cake, don’t stop! Adapt the recipe to have organic, natural and healthy ingredients. (Get paleo or Keto diet cookbook if you need ideas).  This way you’ll reduce the negative impact now and in the future as well. (processed food increase inflammation, inflammation = cortisol, cortisol impact insulin, insulin = blood sugar level, energy and mood swings, quick fix for improving your mood and energy = Sugar who’s too often coming from processed food!)

My point today was to highlight the fact that we’re still treating our body like trash cans. It’s not always done on purpose and too often our emotions are pulling the actions in the wrong direction. Don’t try eating the perfect and clean diet, instead start focusing on the emotions behind the food choices. Keep yourselves one step ahead by having healthy snacks or even subscribe to a “prep healthy meals company” who will deliver food at your door. Cutting down the stress caused by deciding what you’re going to eat, may have a nice and positive impact on the rest of your evening, your mood and your sleep! For every situation there’s an healthier alternative. Sometimes is food, but sometimes, It can be by changing our patterns.

Food choices, the perception about it and habits must improve but eating is fun and should stay this way!

Thanks for reading,

Have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas!

PP Jutras

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