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Lifestyle tip of the week – Why drinking Apple Cider Vinegar everyday.

Are you adding apple cider vinegar to your water?

If not, here’s why you should adopt right away.


Did you know that ACV is probably the “food” with the most health benefits but also one of the cheapest on the market?

(FYI you can get a  jug of nearly 2 litres for under $10 at Costco … Needless to say, it’s one of my essentials!)


So here are some benefits of adopting this new habit as soon as possible:

Improve your digestion and rebalance the acidity level of the stomach.

More and more health specialists advocate a healthy intestinal flora, but also a healthy digestive system.

Better our digestive system = better absorption of nutrients.


Helps to regulate the glucose level in the blood.

Helps improve body composition (loss of adipose/fatty tissue).

Fat loss is a positive side effect of the previous 2 points.

Without going too far in theory, poor management of carbohydrates (sugars) has a direct impact on your body’s ability to be in “fat burner vs.“ fat accumulator ”mode. Aiming for healthy body composition is way more than simply looking good.

(Of course, Apple cider vinegar alone cannot do all the work … adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential!)


Helps in the reduction of cramps and muscle pain thanks to its high potassium composition.

It’s not just bananas that are effective 😉


Helps balance the body’s electrolytes.

During physical activity or other exertion, you should know that when you sweat you will not only lose water, you will also lose essential minerals that are not replaced by just drinking water. An easy way to balance these minerals or electrolytes is to add a little ACV to your water during exercise.


Helps improve the appearance of your hair and skin.

One little thing to watch out for. Much like lemon, apple cider vinegar can reach tooth enamel. Therefore always get in the habit of adding it to water or of course replacing another type of vinegar in a dressing.

In conclusion, when it comes to investing in our health, consuming ACV almost daily is one of the actions that will give you one of the best returns for the money invested!

Therefore, this “almost miraculous” product, which must be bought organic +  “with the mother”.

So go ahead and add this item to your grocery list right away!