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Eat Smart, Train Smart. Do it the HEALTHY WAY

Does drastic changes will make you succeed? Does drastically changing your diet and getting from a sedentary mode to a full time gym rat will lead you to sustainable and healthy benefits? I can say Yes for a short period of time (maybe 20 weeks) but after that… i’m guessing that you’ll slowly return to old habits and here’s why:

1- Performing an 180 degree with your lifestyle habits is harder than you think. Once the motivation and results will hit a plateau, you need to have support and a plan to break it. Cutting all carbohydrates from your diet and training twice a day will make you lean in a short period of time for sure… (the first time!!). Does this healthy and stress free? How do you think your brain and body will react? Have you experienced or know someone who’s been dealing with over training symptoms?  (Frequent sickness, lack of concentration, endless muscle soreness, frequent injuries, personality changes and even depression).

Before you run head down like crazy into a new training program and extreme dieting, make sure you have resources and someone reliable that will adjust all data to avoid over training, but also make your diet balance… aka with carbs in it! (Even in Keto you need to do carbs cycles and jump in and out the diet).

2- The second very important point is about your entourage. They love you the way you are right now and it can be scary for them to see you change and improve. Here’s an interesting video about self-sabotage that totally explain my point:


Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Make good and healthy food choices about 80-85% of the time. Trying to control everything will drives you nut!  Training must be the same. Find the right method that you will have fun doing it. Less than 1% are or will become pro athletes, so you won’t get a medal or a contract if you train like them!!! Train smart with days off. Don’t be lazy but learn to listen to what your body is saying and get the appropriate rest if needed.  Finally, learn to know who’s good for you from the ones that are only OK! This is not the first time i’m writing about this subject, so please hang around the ones that will keep you on the right track!

Thanks for reading and have an amazing weekend!


PP Jutras