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Don’t put the blame on someone else!

Sometimes you win sometimes you learn. Are you?

Failure is part of our life and part of the learning process. Do you think you’ve learned walking the first time? That’s right, you have been trying over and over until you sorted it out and make it happen.

A child doesn’t think about why he has not managed to walk. As a parents we can help, teach and support, but at the end he’s going to make it and succeed. In this process, do you think is been trying to blame is parents because he felt couple times?

Why as grown up person we tend to do it? Why is it so hard to take the blame and the responsibilities for our behaviors?


You add up 10 pounds of fat last December? That’s right, this is your aunt’s fault, she’s so good at cooking deserts! You were there both hands tied up while everybody was feeding you 😉

This is an ironic example, but to grow, learn and move forward the first thing to do is to stop denying your actions. Probably not the easiest thing to do, but the most important in the process.

Couple days ago, I was watching the movie Point Break (the remake one). This is an extreme sports movie. Not the best one but, the lesson behind it was powerful to me. You are responsible for your own path. No matter what happen next, good or bad, this becomes totally up to your responsibilities.

I do believe the only thing is standing between you and the things you want to accomplish is your ability to accept and learn from your mistakes.


Keep in mind that not choosing to follow your path is choosing to follow somebody else’s one. But at the end, if the results are not what you’ve expected, who are you going to blame? Are you going put your head in the sand and denied the fact that you’ve choose wrongfully?

Even if it’s hard to admit, before blaming others for your bad situations, mistakes and failures, start looking at yourself. If you don’t like something or a situation… change it or try changing it until you build it the way you dreamed about !!


PP Jutras