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What if?


Do you know Danny Way? The famous skateboarder who’ve jumped over the Great Wall of China in 2005. Kinda sick right? I’m pulling this guy out today because I’ve watched is bio couple years ago and one thing is coming over and over in my mind. Many other extreme pros athletes, guys like Tony Hawks, Laird Hamilton and other legends, where talking about his mindset.

He was part of the minority of people that only see how they are going to succeed! Failure is not and never will be a valid option and they will try over and over until they succeed!

Many pros wished to be able to turn off their « fear of failure » like he was, but this « superpower » made him one of the greatest!

Even if you’re not a skateboard fan, take a look at the quick story and the jump…

Crazy without a broken ankle… imagine with it now!!!!

What if you can do the same with your mindset? What would you be able to accomplish in your life? What if you can get rid of all that fear that’s pulling you down and keep you in a safe zone? What if you can still see the sun shining, even in the biggest storm? What if you can see yourself win, even if the race is not over yet?

Why always staying in your safety zone? If you’re dreaming about having kids and you’re in a great relationship, why waiting to set everything to be perfect? What’s the worst thing that can happened? Twins? An amazing life changing experience? Or realizing that you can feel more alive than you’ll ever feel by taking care of your little one?

If you’re looking to loose weight, why waiting to get the perfect training plan? Just go out there and move… By the time you’ll be in action, the best option will show up! If you want something to happen, you have to make the first step, then the answers will come to you… Unless you quite…

What if this time you decided to not play it safe like you have always did? What if this time a base hit was not the right play to make? That’s right sometimes you need to go for the home run and give everything you got! Like an airplane to takeoff, sometimes you have to go full throttle… Like they say in every sport: speed is your friend!!!

To end this post, I want you to take a look at your mindset and what is the first thing that’s coming to your mind when it’s time to reach your personal goals and dreams? Maybe you’re not like Danny Way and few elites like him, but you still can trick your mind and start focusing on 1- Not quitting, 2- Seeing yourself succeed and 3- Not being afraid of taking risks and jumping without a safety net!!!

Thanks for reading


PP Jutras