Donnez vie à vos passions!


Are you the CEO of your own life?

I remember this quote from one of my old friend: If you want something to be done, ask the busiest person to do it! He’ll find time!!

A person with too much time will procrastinate… 

I’ve been in the industry long enough to know which client will stay and outperform and at the opposite those that will quit.

In fact I do like working with entrepreneurs, professionals and « entrepreneur mindset » because they knows the value of time and once they are committed, they are committed for real. Not that they will be 10/10, but they are willing to learn. They are willing to mixte up their busy schedule, and they tend to duplicate the discipline they live by, into their successful professional life. 

Successful people, not the wanna be for the Instagram stories, but people who’ve grind to be where they are, also knows that success takes time, perseverance and humility. (If you know everything, how come you are asking me for advices, support and coaching?) 

Changing bad habits takes discipline and a clear reasons to do it (Strong WHY and clear GOALS). 

Taking care of yourself at the beginning deserves a full commitment and many sacrifices… This could be changing your social activities, adapting your way to meet clients. Whatever you need to to do to show up at your own « personal time » meeting… 

This is why you need to treat yourself like you’re the CEO of your own life. 

Have you ever see a CEO doing a « no show » to his own meeting? Probably not, unless he doesn’t care about is own business. 

My advice is that you should show up at your own training appointment* while you’re in good health, because if you don’t, you’ll be forced to find time to deal and treat disease! So the most important meeting in your life should be the one with yourself…

Clearer mind,  better posture, more confidence,  less injuries and avoiding other disease will sure make your personal and professional life way better!

This can also be doing the extra step with healthy eating habits!

From now on, how will you treat yourself?