"Together, building your passions"

Hi, my name is PP Jutras

I’m a strength and conditioning coach and a certified personal trainer.

For over a decade now, I have put together in my practice my strength coach / personal trainer background with my psychological studies.  Pairing those 2 was key for helping others to get in the right state of mind to accomplish what they really want.

Being passionate about life, my family and the ocean truly helped me to think outside of the box more than ofter.  Melting my personal and professional background, I have been focusing on guiding my clients, helping them reflect upon themselves and figuring out what they can do to further elevate their state of mind to attain the results they deserve.

I can define my help with people by finding the breach in their daily habits. By finding this entry point, I can bring them to see what they are doing from a new perspective. They now can see themselves from outside the situation. This allows me to implement new ideas, improve their state of mind and increase their healthy lifestyle habits. Together, we are now creating the blueprint to improve and make sustain change in their life.

Looking for a great upper back stretch?
You should try the superman cat cow.
Like the regular version of this exercise, you will inhale by the nose as you are opening your rib cage and exhale while you’re reducing the space between your hips and shoulders (aka.. pushing your spine up)

Give this one a try… and thrust me.. this feels good!

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If you’re looking to mix things up… The oblique mountain climber to Turkish bridge is something you may wanna try.

This is not a beginner drill and requires some shoulder strength to be able to support your weight in the bridge position. But once you master it, you can really feel your core working, but also a great stretch from the hip flexors area.
Give it a try a starting with couple reps / side.

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The bird dog exercise is always a great one to add into any training routine. Depending the variation of it, you can make it less or more challenging.
Bringing your knees of the ground doing the exercise will make the whole body working.
To make this properly, make sure to trigger your core and focus on keeping those knees as close to the ground as possible.

Give this variation a try!

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Healthy shoulders for a great posture.
Many home training routines are rising and popping everywhere… and most of the exercices are done in a pressing position … Good for the beach, but not really for a healthy posture.
This is why you must include some scap push up to save yourself from potential injury.
Of course, there are many versions of scapular push up and the goal is to try to trigger the scapular area in many angles as possible.
What I do like about this variation: you are also working your scapula in a elevation and depression plan. (Same as doing a pull up)

Go ahead and give this one a try!

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Online coaching is the best way to achieve your goals because you do not rely on anyone.

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My philosophy – I strongly believe that every human can achieve everything they wants if:

They have the right Mindset.

They open their hearth and mind to new opportunities.

They want to learn and invest time and in personal growth.

They put themselves in the optimal environment to stay focus.

They choose to get inspired by the ones who’s been in their shoes.

They find the right “purpose” to achieve what they want.

They are grateful for what they have.


We are a young couple that loves being outdoors. Our primary interests are watersports, particularly windsurfing. When we aren’t doing that you can find us surfing, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, climbing, biking, or hiking! We recently came back “home” to Montreal after almost a year of living out of our van in Baja. It was an amazing experience, and ever since we got back it has been a challenge to keep up the active lifestyle we enjoyed on the road.

As we are both wanting to keep pushing our level on the International  Windsurfing Tour, we figured that improving our overall physical conditioning is essential! We are super stoked to be working with PP Jutras For Your Health to help us achieve our goals both in competition and general health!

Tom Ben-Eliyahu and Amandine Boo