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Boujmaa Guilloul

I had the privilege to work from distance with PP when I was on maui.

Catching up on my fitness to be on top of my windsurfing and of my health in general as I was not training enough when I was in Morocco.

I took the opportunity to be serious about my fitness when I arrived in January to Maui to prepare for the IWT season for 2020. PP  really knew exactly what I needed to work on and gave me exactly what I needed to gain back my fitness step by step.

Pushed harder when it was time to push hard and slowly worked on the weakest point when he knew I wasn’t complete and ready to push the training to the next level. 

I was really grateful for his help and I wish corona to disappear soon and everyone is safe again so we could go back to more training and evaluating the windsurfing level on water and on tour.

Thank you PP

Boujmaa Guilloul

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