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Winter training Week 3

Thank you again for your interest in this series of « winter training off season programs »

The goal for this final week is to include more dynamic exercises, therefore there is a logical progression from the first 2 phases of this program.

At any time, if you are not comfortable or do not feel ready for progressions, you can stick with Phases 1 and Phase 2 for another week.

Your worst enemy reside between your ears, do not let it put a damper on what you can accomplish.

Keep in mind that the preparation is not the finality by  itself and every training day will help you enjoy the winter season. That is awesome  if you are enjoying it and feel the progress doing the exercises, but your true reference will  be your feeling on the slope!


If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.


If you are looking for more tips and infos, please follow up on social medias  Facebook et Instagram


Enjoy this training ❄️!

PP Jutras






Repeat 2 times:

15 @ 25 Jumping Jack

6 @ 8 Air Squat

3-4 seconds of high knees.


*Notes about: 

A warm up is to activate and set your body to get ready to work. All motions are dynamics with a low to moderate effort range. 


Do 8 to 25 reps with a smooth tempo.

Rest 10 to 30 sec then jump to  A2


*notes sur l’exercice:

Shoulder wide stance, slightly duck stance. You can lift up your heels by an inch or two. This will give you the extra range of motion. (Lack of flexibility to calves and hip flexors). Start the motion by pushing your knees forward instead of your butt back.


Do 12 to 16 reps total (6 to 8 / leg)

Rest for  45 @ 90 sec than repeat the sequence for one or two more times


*notes about:

Shoulder wide stance. Chest out. This is a dynamic exercise so don’t be shy!


Do  3 to 4 back and forth

Stating position is hands touching the ground pretty close to your feet. One inch at the time more your hands forward until you can’t hold the extension, then one inch at the time move your feet back to your hands… Repeat starting with your feet.. This will give you ONE REP


Rest 10 to 30 sec than move up to  B2


*notes about:

Try to lift your hips while brining your legs closer to your hands. The closer the little steps will be, the harder the exercise.


Do 6 to 10 reps / side

Rest 10 to 30 sec than jump to  B3


*notes about:

Shoulder wide stance for your arms and feet.  Do not over rotate. You can end up with your heels touching the floor. 


Do 6 to 8 rep holding the contraction for one second

Rest between 45 @ 90 sec than repeat the sequence for one or two more times.


*notes sur l’exercice:

Your whole upper body should be touching the wall. (including your lower back). Go for a squeeze between your shoulder blades.

For better results, you should be looking to do this workout routine 2 to 4 times a week.

Once again, respect your limits and your own physical abilities.

If you feel pain or discomfort with some exercises,  you can:

1- Reduce the range of motion.

2- Skip the exercise.

3- Contact me for a variation or alternative.

Very good job once again and feel free to contact me if you have any specifics.

One last thing before you go, There will be a summer / water sports training program. This same format will be online around mid April.


PP Jutras