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The benefits of taking a step back!



Hey! It’s been a long time since i’ve wrote a post. I was totally overwhelmed with the pressure about posting twice a week on my blog.

In fact I took this step back to relax, clear out my vision and also reorganize my business.

No matter where you are in your life or your career, I do still think that you should at least once every season take a step back and readjust!



Here’s what I’ve learned during that period:

-We tend to overcomplicate things and actions.

-Grinding without a clear goal is a waste of time and energy.

-Finding useful ressources is key.

-The extra 10 minutes with my wife and kids in the morning is totally worth it.

-Prioritizing my priorities took off a lot of pressure from  my shoulders.

-Mixing my routine is key for my to avoid the Groundhog Day. Some may like it, but me it simply shut me down.

-There is always a better way to accomplish things… If you’re willing to let go olds habits!

-I haven’t played enough the past months and missed it badly!

-Quality will always outmatch quantity.

-We always should  have one eye on the present and the other one in the direction where we are going.

-If you can’t write your plan on a napkin, it’s not clear enough in your mind!

Looking at the things that I’ve learned or forgot because the overwhelmed state of mind… I can  only affirm that I should have done it way earlier! Sometimes we are trying to convince ourselves that we are so busy being busy!!!!

So don’t feel bad about yourself to take it easy and spend quality time with the ones you love!

Have a nice Weekend…