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Learn to say No!

Once again Merry Christmas!

The holiday period is not over yet, so I’m hopping that you are having couple other party until the end of it!

I wish to share something that really changed my life. Probably the word that our parents used the must when we were kids… NO!

Surprisingly, “No” is one of the toughest word to say and to apply in our life. Too often, we don’t wanna be forget, be lonely , or looking for approbation. We’re looking to please others and forgot about ourselves.

When you’re dealing with any situation, are you respecting yourself in the process? Are you following your values? Are you living with the fear of missing something?

A week before 2018, with your new or old and refresh resolutions. If you haven’t learned about saying No, Those resolutions will, once again, be hard to achieve.

The best way to see it, is Saying no to something that doesn’t fit in your life is saying Yes to you. It’s one step closer of what you’re looking to accomplish and it also loving and taking care of yourself!  Saying No is not boring and it’s not avoiding having fun! It’s self-respect 101!

While setting personal goals for the upcoming year, why not starting to say NO to the superficial and useless stuff. Why not putting all your energy in habits, actions and activities that will positively  impact your life and your health?

Put aside your guilt about disappointing people, refine your life, your environment and learn to let go what’s not really important. Go ahead and learn to say no to be able to say YES!

Health, love and peace for the upcoming year

PP Jutras

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