Donnez vie à vos passions!


You are what you eat!

Food is life,

I won’t create a big Ah, if I say that to stay healthy you have to fuel on healthy food! Even with all the resources over the web to simplify your life, it seems like we don’t care enough about it.

In fact fast-food in Canada is a 24 billion dollar industry and keep counting*.  It doesn’t take a MBA to conclude that if a business is growing, It means they are selling more than the past year… Higher prices and or more clients. Either way, people are still buying those products. You are what you eat right?

Do you really know what is happening in your body when you are consuming « garbage food »? How this is affecting every aspect of you? By irritating your gut, you are slowly but surely heading to having a leaky gut or let’s say that your digestive system wont be able to do is job properly. If you can’t absorb the good stuff coming from the good food, chances pretty low to get the nutriments your body will need! Your gut is also your second brain. If something is happening down there, your head won’t be as sharp, you will feel irritated and probably depress. You will  feel like « shit » and this is never good. Not good for you and not good for the ones around you. It lowers your self-esteem and your positive energy! When you are eating refined and processed food,  your hormonal system is also affected. I’ve explained how sugar can have a negative impact in a previous post so I won’t repeat myself. Go ahead and look it up.

How switching from bad to healthy food habits?

You can go drastic by avoiding all processed and refined foods. Starting tomorrow morning, you will be cooking everything that you are going to eat. Pretty intense for someone who haven’t learn to cook or time is an issue. I do believe that 180 degree changes are very hard to sustain.  Pretty though life to live unless you are living in the Garden of Eden!

Why not instead going the smarter way and start to realize what is going on with you. Take a look at the image bellow:

Simply by looking at this chart, you can already start thinking about some small changes. Those substitution will help fixing from the roots instead of putting a band-aid on the problem. There is more and more articles and studies about emotions and food. Once again what came first, the chicken or the egg? Same here, emotions or food?

Here couple tips you can start applying  right now to improve the way you will eat:

  • Put color in your plate. Have a rainbow colors spectrum fruits and veggies everyday.
  • Switch the rice, pastas or starchy food like potatoes by more veggies. (Spaghetti squash instead of pastas)
  • Have unsalted nuts with you. This way when you will be craving, you’ll have something healthy available
  • Increase your water intake. Remember that we are mostly snacking because we are thirsty, not hungry
  • Do do grocery with an empty stomach. This way you’ll avoid snacking and also save a lot of money!

Maybe food is not your passion, but this is not a reason to sabotage your health by eating crap. So go ahead and make the extra step to feel, maybe for the first time, what is like to be living with a healthy body and a healthy brain!

Have an amazing week-end


PP Jutras