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Would you like a cup of coffee?

Are you falling for a nice and warm cup of coffee every morning? If you’re answer is yes, you’re not alone!!!

In fact, coffee has been the most consumed beverage by the Canadian last year. Even more than tap water. Take a look at the numbers by yourself. Coffee stats 2017.

Numbers are numbers and there’s no correlation sign if the product or the habit is healthy or not! After putting this little doubt in your mind, what do you think? Does drinking coffee is bad or good for you? This simple question can lead to an endless argumentation.

My opinion is: drinking coffee can really improve your health (ref).  and here’s why:

  • Coffee is a potent source of antioxidants. Even more than tea or cocoa
  • It provides a short term memory boost. (Caffeine appears to affect the area of the brain responsible for memory and concentration.)
  • It may help against cognitive decline.
  • Coffee is healthy for you heart. (There are evidence that coffee may support heart health by protecting against arterial damage that caused by inflammation.)
  • May help lowered the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. (Coffee helps your body to control insulin.)
  • Can enhance exercise performance.

As I just showed, drinking coffee is more than just a comforting hot drink. It can also produce awesome health benefits.  This is great!! But, how many cups a day should you get? Many studies are saying that having a moderate consumption is good for you. Meaning somewhere between 3 and 8 cups a day. I was happy to read those numbers because I do love coffee a lot!

That being said, drinking coffee is not good for everybody, and if you’re having issues with side effects from caffeine, please respect yourselves and stay away from it.  An other quick tip here, if you’re looking for a decaf coffee, make sure it’s water processed decaf to avoid all toxic products that can be used within the process.

Like other things  in life, Not all coffee are made equal! If you want to maximize the benefits produce by your favorite drink, make sure you are focusing on quality. There’s a huge gap between a high quality coffee and an XL double double coming from a popular coffee shop.

You should always go for organic coffee beans and the best way to drink it is black.

I agree that not everybody likes black coffee, but, please make sure to go organic. A simple hot drink can have so many impacts on you. I will not go crazy and expose  witch type of water should you use. One more thing that you have to be aware after the quality of the beans, is what should you put in it.

Stevia, raw honey, maple syrup? Milk, cream or nondairy milk? Other creamer? I will be constant with my way of thinking. Sugar is rarely a good thing for you, especially if you’re carrying extra pounds! Raw honey or any other natural sweetener are sugar and your body will treat them as… sugar!  Stevia could lead to a full post about natural sugar substitute. Maybe! For myself, I tend to avoid all dairy products, so if you need to add milk, i’m recommending  to look for a nondairy milk like almond, cashew or coconut. (I’ll stay away from soy for today).

A 6.2 billion dollar industry* (Canada only) leads to many side businesses. One of them is the creamer industry. Does bulletproof* coffee means something to you? Keto diet? (Turning your morning coffee into a high energy fat burning drink switching your body into ketosis mode, meaning that fat are use, instead of sugar to produce energy). Next Monday, my post will be on the most popular diets and of course the most trending ones this days; Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet.

Today’s post was kinda shorter and with less romance than I normally do. To conclude the question about should you continue to drink coffee? My answer is still Yes you can, but only if you’re paying attention about the quality of the beans you’re going to get. Go ahead and support your local coffee shop, those who are passionate about the quality of the products that they are serving you.

Thanks for reading!


PP Jutras

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