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What’s the plan for December?

What’s the plan for December?

No matter if you like it or not, the month of December rimes with holidays. For many this is a “festivity period”.  Personally, I do have a love and hate relationship about Christmas time and I’m going to explain you why. I am quoting this period, but I can apply it with all “holidays that have turned out to commercial events”.

Creating an holidays spirit, especially when you have kids, is pure magic. You can feel the sparks of happiness into their eyes. I do enjoy relating about kids when I’m explaining a point because I do believe that they are purity.  They are so bright and so innocent at the same time. Give them a strap buckle and they are gone for 30 minutes! Unfortunately, our high stresses life habits tend to soil them.  Since we don’t respect and allow ourselves to be “in the moment”, we are pressuring them to be like us.  Monkey see, Monkey do! (I have a post that will come out soon about the Ego and the “quest” to impress and please everybody.)

December is the retrospective month. A period that you normally face or pay a little more attention about what you had plan vs what you had done!

Let me ask you: “How was your 2017? Hard? Average or awesome? Did you accomplish what you were supposed to do? “

In this post I want to sort out 2 simple ideas to think about.

The first one is probably the reason why I do I have that love and hate relationship with every commercial get to getter things!

It is not about the period of the year, but more about the hypocrisy and expectations behind it. Fact that our society model makes it handier to get together. But why should I be happier or dress nicer between December 20th until Jan 1st when I see my friends or relatives?

Sadly, I do think we’ve turned out to live in a fake mode. Sharing love with people you care about should be done when you feel it in your heart, not because a day or date is flashing on the calendar! The message won’t be stronger if you’re nicely dress, have cooked for 20 hours or bought endless  presents. The only things that will last are the ones that you’ve put your heart and soul in it.

Do you think a flower will survive if you only give her water 10-15 consecutive days in a year? No matter how much water she’ll get … She won’t survive, unless you take care of her everyday. Can you relate it with your health, loves and life?

This introspection is leading to my next point. I won’t surprise you by affirming that December is the last month of the year! I don’t know anybody, who believe himself, when he’s affirming that his life is perfect the way it is. If this  your case, maybe you should take your head out of the sand! No matter how amazing your life is, we all have something that we want to improve.

Why don’t planning the upcoming year with sustainable healthy habits? Behaviors that will also include time for you and time for the ones you love? Instead of wishing to win the lotto and think that will solve all your problems, could it be smarter to create what you really want? I am a strong believer that if you deeply care about something, you will find a way to get it. Ok it could take a little longer than you expect. But it will happen… unless you lose faith and quit on it. Like sowing a seed, you need to take care of it and cherish over and over to make it grow but also to keep the tree alive and healthy. (Indeed, that you wish at first having a tree!)

I’m sure by now you are getting what I love to do while I’m writing. I want you to think about your habits and your life. I want you to start thinking about living 24/7 365 days a year instead of killing time while working and expecting that magic will appear when you’re on vacations! Have you ever realize the amount of stress, pressure and energy wasted on variables that you can’t control?

If you can switch your mindset and start focusing on living one and every single day, I bet you’ll have more energy for the ones you love and truly care. Probably that you will stop hoping and waiting for “the moment” and start embracing everyday. I sincerely wish that this will make you reconsider about your priories and the way you share love to others… Not with gifts and artificial stuffs once a year, but from the bottom of your heart every time you feel it!

So, let me ask you one more time. What’s the plan for December?

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!

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PP Jutras

**By the end of the week I’ll post 10 minutes healthy start morning routine that can be a game changer for you!

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