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Valentine’s Day: 4 Healthy tips!!!

If I say Valentin’s Day, What is the first things that pop’s up in your mind? For me it’s spending quality time with my wife and chocolate!

Today i’m giving you 4 healthy tips for boosting Valentine’s day!

1- If you like chocolate, go for a dark chocolate with a higher than 70% cacao. Higher the percentage will be, the lower the amount of sugar it will contain.

2- High fats,  low sugar treats are the best option. Simply Google Keto chocolate treats and you’ll find so many recipes.  Personally I do like Ambitious Kitchen, Oh She glows and Ancient nutrition (The company is promoting bone broth protein, and I won’t comment on it today, but the recipes section is great and the bone broth protein can be substitute or not included in many recipes).

3- Spice up your food with Cinnamon. (Cinnamon can lower blood sugar following meals, possibly by slowing stomach emptying and blocking digestive enzymes**).

4- Get a energy boost with Ginger! (This libido booster is actually raising blood flow, especially to  the sexual organs.

Like always there is a healthier version of what you are currently doing. Using those alternative will give you the same pleasures, but with a positive and healthy outcome!


Enjoy your day!



PP Jutras