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The power of having an accountability partner!


What is your biggest challenge? How do you stay on track and focus?

Have you ever heard about this quote: « Alone we go fast, but together we go further »

Why do you think people are getting coaches or partners? How can you keep the pace, track and constancy if you’re judge and jury about actions vs the game plan? I don’t know about you, but for me, when I »m practicing a sport, training or even working with challenging people, I will always push a little more. It’s not about looking good or not, but instinctively I’ve always bring my A game with better players around!


When it’s too easy, we tend to go lazy! This brings out all the importance of choosing the right accountability partner.


Here’s 7 points or tips  to look for when choosing an accountability partner:

1- Find a person that is more disciplined than you are and be honest with him. 

2- Find someone that is trustworthy. This is not a neighborhood project so make sure that your partner can keep is mouth shut

3- Choose a partner you’d be remiss to disappoint. If you don’t care about disappointing it, the whole process won’t be worth it and both of you will only loose time in the process.

4- If you need more than one, get more than one.  One person can’t always be a jack of all trades.

5- Choose a partner that will have time to invest as an accountability partner. If a person says yes to please you, but don’t have time to invest, better go for another pick in the list. You want to move forward!

6- Find a someone that will be challenging, not condemning (you don’t need a cop, but someone that will look up if you slip up)

7-Make sure you hold your accountability partner accountable.

The last 2 points are for me the most important ones. You need to tell your partner what do you expect from him, what are your goals and give him tools to be accountable.  Communication is key!!

If you’ve been struggling with resolutions, reaching your heath and fitness goal or any personal and professional goals, I do suggest to look around and find a coach, friend or a partner that will be accountable for you. This is not the only way to succeed but a very good option to look for.

To be more specific within the health and fitness domain, a good starting point is tracking your actions. If you’ve been struggling to loose weight and still thinking that you are eating well and healthy, I’ve suggest to map out couple days of eating habits, sleeping hours and physical activity. This is the starting point and good resolutions will last until a plateau comes! Getting a training partner, a coach or personal trainer, will prevent you to fall back in your bad habits. This is why you need the right person. If the coach doesn’t care about you missing an appointment, find another one that won’t let you be lazy about yourself! This is why you’ve hired him at the beginning!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


PP Jutras