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If time is an issue, Do this!


This post is gold if you want to take control of your health, manage your weight and stay on track.

Human have the ability to over complicated things and of course over think. Quoting Bill Gates who says: « I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it ». This doesn’t mean to be lazy while doing the job, but simply max out your return on time investment.

1-Freeze time for yourself  in your weekly and monthly schedule. If you can’t afford 60 minute period, start with what you can and will be able to do. Better look for 4-5 x 30 minutes and show up every time! You are the CEO of your body and no CEO will ever do a « no show » at appointment they will have personally set!

2- Indeed, set those periods where it will be simple to meet the appointment. Sometimes training from home will avoid you to go out again. Running around at some point equal the time required to do the training session!

3-Prep your stuff to be ready to go! Meaning that even if you’re training from home, if your clothes and the environment ain’t set and ready, the higher the chance you’ll start doing something else. Make sure that you are ready to show up at your personal appointment. (Shoes, sport clothes, mat, water and all other things you’ll need)

4- Get the best bang for your buck. If you are training from home, you can look for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). If you rather be training in a gym, prioritize squats and heavier dead lifts instead of seated bicep curls! If running is more your cup of tea, go for short and high pace interval training instead of a low pace 30 minute run (if you are totally green or very out of shape, please know your limits and don’t go crazy!!!)

5- Know what is working for you. Unless you never do any physical activity in your life, you must have an idea of what you like or not. (Even so you must have preferences). If biking is your thing, look for spinning classes that will fit into your time frame. If you like being outdoor during winter time, get snowshoes and go play outside! When you like what you are doing and even better,  knowing what is working for you; the chances that you’ll make it a sustainable habit are very high!!!

6- Be creative. Why not setting a stretch routine while you are taking a break at work? Maybe choose a parking lot that will required more steps than the first spot out of the door. What about using the stairs instead of the elevator? Maybe walking or running your bike to go the store or picking up your kids to school (if distance’s wise). Instead of going for a drink with friends, why not going for a walk or any other low intensity physical activity? All those simple « add on » are easy and healthy habits that will make you healthier.

I won’t say enough that your health should be your precious asset. Unfortunately most of us are having weak time management or not prioritizing what is really important. Meaning that when time is an issue we tend to cut on physical activity and training very early in the process.

Take a look at the video bellow and see what is happening to your body when you stop exercising

You may now extrapolate the collateral damages of « this lack of fitness » thru your whole life. At work, does your mindset will be sharp? With your partner and kids, does your level of patience will be high or low? Why not controlling what you can control and putting back your health on top of your priority list? Go ahead and cherish the most important gift you will ever have.

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PP Jutras