Donnez vie à vos passions!


How are you planning the next season?

I know, February has just began… But still we are heading slowly to a new season. A new season also means switching or adapting sports and activities. Some will move from fat biking to mountain biking. Snowboarding to skateboarding or any other spring / summer activities. Indoor activities to outdoor things and others will simply move out from their cave!!!!

Do you have a plan regarding the upcoming season? You don’t have to be or think like an Olympic athlete to prepare and set your body for your spring / summer activities.

In your early 20’s maybe you don’t feel like you need that much preparation, but the older you get, more you’ll realize and feel the importance of it.

The primary goal behind a training program should be to re-balance your body.

That’s right, before trying to shoot for the stars and crash personal best over personal best, the foundations must have being build. So,  by improving mobility and following a smart general preparation, you will significantly reduced your risks of getting injured. No matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a pro, you’ll probably be upset about staying away from what you like to do!

Here’s a few tips for you :

– Update your training routine by reading or consulting a specialist to see witch exercises will be relevant in your activities.

– Add a mobility routine to your training. This way you’ll improve your range of motion, not only in training but also within your activities.

– Put the accent on the form and the execution of every exercise. This is an easy way to maximize your gains!

– Fix and update your diet if needed.

– Set yourself a small but challenging goal.


This resume my mentality about what a training should be. You won’t be a better golfer, biker, swimmer, but you will become a better athlete. By improving your athleticism abilities, there is no doubt that you will see major improvements in your favorite sports and activities.

Have a wonderful day!



PP Jutras